What happens when you go Organic

Anyone for pesticide sauce?

Researchers at the independent Swedish Environmental Research Institute  were commissioned by the  Coop, a Swedish supermarket chain, to see what would happen if a normal family changed to organic food during a 2 week period.

The family went through an initial one week test period eating conventional food. This was followed by a two week period (with daily urine samples) eating organic food.

The results are interesting. As you can image, the children showed lower concentrations during the study. Levels of most the the tested pesticides (but not all) fell in the adults. The full report can be found here.

The testing available however, can only test for one chemical at a time which doesn’t assess the effects of multiple chemicals – the cocktail effect. They also point out that, as we are exposed to a number of other chemicals depending on the cleaning products, shampoos, furniture and other items we choose, it is difficult to make a complete assessment.

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