3 plants for foraging

A beginner’s guide

Who hasn’t gone picking blackberries or other wild fruits? The uncultivated lands around us abound in edible plants, all we have to do is a bit of foraging. Although many people have never considered picking blackberries to be foraging, more like a nice walk in the countryside with friends and family!

This infographic shows ways to cook the plants, but these plants can be eaten raw. Please be extra careful when eating raw, there have been many reports of food poisoning from raw or undercooked fiddleheads. The fern you need to look for is the Ostrich Fern. Remember some ferns are not edible, so again be extra careful.

With nettles, go for the top young buds.

If in doubt, check for more information.

Read and enjoy:


Source: With thanks to Fix.com


Please note: This is not a field guide, make sure you have positively identified the plant as edible. Also take care where you find the plants. They may have been sprayed or treated, or have been used as a “toilet”!

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